Joseph Wilk


Jan 6, 2020: Joseph Wilk creates and posts Defamatory Website
Jan 24, 2020: Email and Private messages sent asking to take down website
Feb 7, 2020: Cease and Desist letter sent to Joseph Wilk
March 4, 2020: Complaint/Lawsuit filed in Superior Court California, Orange County
March 10-16, 2020: Failed attempts at process service and stake outs to serve JW
March 24, 2020: Wilk Served in Parking Lot Walgreens, Mission Viejo CA at 3:34PM

9 Months of motions, legal filings, process servers, stake outs and court orders…

Jan 12, 2021: California Courts Rule against JW for Defamation in the amount of 3.9 million
Feb 24, 2021: JW finally hires attorneys to file a motion to try and vacate the Judgement

Once Judgment of 3.9 million was awarded, I hire a collection attorney to start coming for any and all assets belonging to Joseph Wilk. Bank accounts, cars, any stock/coinbase accounts, property and especially his 40+ websites that generate Ad revenue and parts sales.

March 21, 2022: Levy and Freeze all 40 of Joseph Wilk’s domains/websites as assets
March 23, 2022: Joseph files his first Claim of Exemption to try and keep his domains
April 1, 2022: Lawsuit against Joseph and Father for fraudulent transfer of 2017 Porsche 911
April 16, 2021: Honorable Judge Howard DENIES JW Motion to vacate 3.9m judgement
April 27, 2021: Honorable Judge Howard DENIES Claim of Exemption for JW to keep domains
May 17, 2021: Joseph Wilk files motion to APPEAL ruling on the DENIED motion to vacate 3.9
Sep 20, 2022: Joseph Wilk LOSES appeal in California Appeals Court to vacate 3.9m
July 14, 2022: JW files a 3rd party exemption to try & keep domains, saying they belong to LLC
July 19, 2022: California Appeals Court hears oral arguments to vacate 3.9m Judgement
Oct 4, 2022: California Appeals Court DENIES Wilk appeal to vacate 3.9m Judgement
Oct 7, 2022: California Appeals Court DENIES Wilk appeal to rehear the Case
Oct 20, 2022: Joseph Wilk files APPEAL in SUPREME COURT to review 3.9m case decision
Nov 30, 2022: Supreme Court DENIES petition to review 3.9m case decision
Dec 7, 2022: Honorable Judge Howard DENIES 3rd Party exemption for JW to keep Domains
March 3, 2023: JW files for BANCRUPTCY after running up $130,000 in Credit Card Debt
August 28, 2023, Honorable Judge Scott Clarkson DENIED Joseph Wilks claim to have the $4 million dollar Judgement against him discharged in bankruptcy.