Joseph Wilk

Ok, now I know what you’re talking about. Yes, Joseph took that down voluntarily in an act of good faith. We are constantly in discussions about trying to work things out and settle, but they never seem to pan out.

The Judge and appeals court has already found him guilty of defamation. The Judge has already awarded me damages for loss of earnings, loss of future earnings, emotional distress, compensatory damages and we are going back to determine how much he owes me for punitive damages. The Judge has already locked down 99% of his websites and they are going to be auctioned off and sold (to me) to start paying down the 4m judgement in the coming weeks… What more can the courts do? They can ask and have even ordered him to take it down, but what if he refuses? Are they going to award me another 4m that he doesn’t have or cannot pay? What good does that do? Sure, there is a criminal component, but you think it’s easy to convince a DA in California to prosecute a guy who is posting defamatory comments about a guy in Connecticut and isn’t listening to the court? They have better things to do. However, Joseph has violated many orders and done so repeatedly. We are hopeful that he continues to do so and the cumulative effects of the repeated harassment and violations will ultimately get a DA to act and arrest and prosecute him for cyber harassment, doxxing and repeated defamation in the future.

Joseph has continued to double down in an effort to harass me for almost 4 years. I lock down his domains, he buys 10 more. I take down his website, he creates a new one. It’s cat and mouse, but honestly I really dont think the guy is very smart. This behavior has not worked since day one, but he still does it. From the jump it was always about being remorseful and apologetic, but he cannot bring himself to do that. This is where you end up when you fight a guy smarter than you, more stubborn than you and with deeper pockets than you to hire better lawyers. Having the law on your side and being “correct” doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve said it before, but in Jiu Jitsu you aren’t tougher than your opponent for not submitting before you’re unconscious or tapping before you get your arm broken, you’re just more stupid..