Joseph Wilk

Jesus christ these bankruptcy files paint an even more pathetic picture than I could have imagined his finances were. Just racking up SOOO much credit card debt to fund his shitty lifestyle while living in his parents house and having no retirement, savings, or any assets whatsoever… LOLOL
He acted like such a big baller bragging about drinking expensive wine and whiskey and how much crypto he was invested in. So either he was lying about the crypto riches (likely) or he is hiding assets (also likely) and Im not sure which I would rather be true. I guess I would prefer he gets caught hiding asset and committing bankruptcy fraud cuz that shit will land you in jail!

Joe aka sticky, I hope you read this. You are a pathetic little overweight manchild with literally nothing going for you in life. Your awful situation in life match your terrible personality and all I can say is KARMA IS A BITCH.