Joseph Wilk

Im glad you were able to get a look at his coinbase account. Did you check binance or any of the other exchanges? I know he was definitely trading coins that weren’t on coinbase so he was for sure using Binance and Kraken and others. And he might just have paper/cold wallets unfortunately its pretty easy to hide crypto unless you are cashing it out to USD (or fortunately if that is what you are trying to do lol).
But yeah I guess nice wine and whiskey was probably a good chunk of the over one hundred thousand in credit card debt this leech was carrying.
I wonder when he decided to stop paying his CC balances? Was it when he got the judgment and knew he would be declaring bankruptcy? If so Im sure that could be argued that he illegally got credit that he never intended to pay back and just wanted to take advantage of the bankruptcy he was already planning on.

I would not feel any remorse for what has happened to Joe, he did all of this himself and his parents created this spoiled man child so they are not faultless in this either.
I just hope he pays for what he has done and goes to jail because it is what he deserves 100%.