Joseph Wilk

Joseph did drink expensive wine and whiskey, this is true. Based on my research and from information gathered, Joseph is an alcoholic or at the very least has a very bad drinking problem. Three arrests all alcohol related and a ton of posts showing drinking, bottles of wine and whiskey. He was also found to be part of a wine forum, so he clearly likes to drink. A good portion of what he earned was spent on liquor. His Father also likes to drink, so I imagine he provided many bottles to Joseph as well.

He did have some money invested in crypto, also true. We levied his coinbase account and found he had wired out the entire balance of $30,000 (if I recall) just weeks before we were able to seize it. Based on the money trail, it was used to pay lawyers and credit card debt. This was at a time when he was still in fight mode and not in bust out mode.

As far as bankruptcy fraud, hiding assets or going to jail…stay tuned. The next court case regarding the bankruptcy is in mid June and there is going to be such a great plot twist that you have to come back and see what happens.

As a side note, a lawyer from the US Justice Department was active in Joseph’s bankruptcy zoom hearing last month, in addition to my Lawyer, so this is going to get very interesting very soon…