Joseph Wilk

If you would indulge my curiosity as this has been an intriguing saga… how do you think this story ends? And how would it ideally end for you? From my point of view, as an outsider, it would seem the only actual winners are the lawyers. Like, does it ever rankle you that you had the misfortune of running into this guy on an internet forum and you’re still dealing with it 4 years later? I’m glad it was you and not someone else, because you have the means to make him pay but at some level I feel really bad that this has happened to you. Because I cannot imagine the time, energy and money spent could possibly be worth it yet I understand you had to follow through because he crossed a line.

I don’t feel bad for Joe because he brought this unto himself but he has essentially ruined his life over an internet beef. Yet now that he has nothing to lose, he is perhaps going to be even more of a thorn in your side and possible antagonize/annoy you in whatever way he can for the rest of your life. Overall yes, he has come out of all this as a massive loser. However, I wonder if you’ll ever get the satisfaction of having truly “won”? Even if you win punitive damages it seems unlikely that much will ever be recovered. Or maybe at some level this process has been enjoyable for you to get some sort of retribution in each small victory? In any case, I’m rooting for you and admittedly get some schadenfreude each time Joe loses.