Joseph Wilk

Congrats on the latest/final judgement!
I definitely want to see if you are ever able to collect from him. He has my IP blocked from accessing his remaining sites but I visited on my new cell phone and I noticed he still has Weistec Engineering and Eurocharged performance persistent sponsor banners on these sites. Im guessing he is just using their names still to appear more legit even though they aren’t paying him anymore but I found that funny.
Maybe they would appreciate being notified that their name is being used on a shady website to gain clout!

Looking at the “latest posts” on the forum its all just robo spam making it look like he has new members joining the forums but it didn’t look like any real people had posted in months or more. lol

He keeps posting his “front page articles” though with his rambling incoherent thoughts on the automotive world filled with grammatical errors as usual. The dude is fascinating to study, he has no shame and no life. His parents must be ashamed of him but they created this monster.
I bet his last hope is still waiting for his parents to die to get some inheritance and then either hide it or bounce off to Poland or wherever.