Joseph Wilk

When we were like 12 years old and those forums were brand new, I used to hang out with Joe. I don’t want to say too much but he was always a pile of trash and im not surprised his websites ended this way. If he wasn’t such trash, at some point I would have helped him with those sites because I know how to take your traffic and monetize it. Hes hooked on booze, he was doing coke last time I saw him, he was never a good person, but he was often times really funny. Hes like a broken clock, he’s an asshole all the time and funny 2 times a day.
Anyways that was a long time ago. I never gave a shit about cars, randomly googled him because I was using him as an example of what happens to spoiled children today. I guarantee you, he deserves this.
I know that the last time I looked at the boost sites, they appeared to not be trying to make any money. I know Joe never advanced beyond installing forums and basic HTML and I know he never had to do anything because his parents will pay for everything.