Joseph Wilk

The money was paid by the bonding company. In order to continue moving forward with his third party exemption, ( a claim that HE didn’t own his domains but his LLC did) he was required to either forfeit the domains or post a $20,000 bond to match the $20,000 bond we posted. It was a gamble by both parties. The Judge had already ruled in his favor and was going to return all of the domains back to Joseph. We appealed and posted a bond to keep the Judge from turning over the domains. I’m sure he or his Father did not want to guarantee a $20,000 bond, but he already had the judgement in his favor so in his mind he thought the ruling would be upheld and he HAD to bond it or lose the domains which the Judge had already agreed to award him. He didnt know that we knew he was lying and that GoDaddy and LegalZoom had no files uploaded supporting his position, (which is what he swore in his papers) ┬áso we knew the Judge was going to reverse his decision. If he didnt, then I would have to pay Wilk $20,000, but if the Judge did reverse then we had a guaranteed $20,000 from the bonding company. We won and the bonding company paid. I have no idea if they had to collect from Joseph or his Father or if they defaulted or paid the bonding company, but WE GOT PAID.

As far as substantially covering 4 years of legal fees… Not even close.