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Good Post


I never know if its Joe actually making these types of posts so I am careful in how I respond so as not to divulge too much of what the game plan is, but I will respond to your post.

How does the story end? Impossible to know for sure because the ball is really in Joseph’s court not mine. If the Bancruptcy case ends the way we think it will, Joseph will be unable to discharge the 4 million he owes me and the debt will remain with him for life with 10% interest accruing annually. If that happens, Joseph will have to live his life differently than most people on earth. He will never be able to buy a home in his name. How he will find a wife or raise a family with potentially tens of millions of dollars in judgments against him is beyond me. He will be unable to get a job with a paycheck because I will garnish his wages. He wont be able to have a bank account, a credit card, or even a car in his name because ANYTHING he ever attempts to own I will seize. I have been correct 100% of the time in my past predictions, and I am going on record that I believe he will not be able to discharge my debt. So, he basically busted out his credit cards and accumulated 150k in debt thinking he was going to just file Bancruptcy and wipe out everything, but In the end he wont be able to wipe out the 4 million he owes me. If that does or does not happen, I will still move forward with the punitive damages in the lower court, which again is non dischargeable in Bancruptcy. That too will accrue at 10% interest annually.

The Bancruptcy Trial is on August 28th, 2023. I will post back about the rulings at that time..

Do I regret running into Joe? Of course I regret ever having met this idiot, but how can anyone predict that someone will behave or react like this? There was nothing in my interaction with him on Rennlist that ever crossed the line to make him come for me. Once he posted the website, it was fight or die. You can’t let these things remain online and harm you, your family and your children, but getting it removed isn’t fast, cheap or easy. So, you live with the posts or you fight back. Yeah, I had/have the means to do it, but I dont enjoy it. From day one all I wanted was for him to take down the posts, but this guy has problems. Alcohol Problems. Arrested multiple times. Restraining orders. I have been told he does Cocaine. He is 40 years old and has no job, no girlfriend, no home, no assets. This is the worst kind of adversary because he has nothing to lose. So, while I will probably never be able to collect on my 4 million, what I did take is his life, his future, his potential to do anything productive. That’s really the ultimate defeat isn’t it? You call me a thief and a con man, but I can survive and still support my family. How you gonna survive with no credit, a Bancruptcy, millions in debt and the inability to open a business, raise money for an idea or even go on a date because nowadays everyone googles everyone and the minute they google Joseph Wilk that date will never happen.

Possible solutions for Joe? Change your name? Move to another Country, he has family in Poland so maybe start a new life there? I have always and will always keep the door open for him to settle with me. It’s been a standing offer from the start.. just pay my legal bills and I will drop the judgement. When the legal was 10k he could have paid it and been free, but here we are. Over 100k in legal, but wouldn’t it still be better to pay the 100k legal than to have 4 million hanging over you for life?

I think that his father Alex has always considered a settlement to protect his son. But, if he can wipe out the 4 million in Bancruptcy then why pay 100k? I agree, but while you fight the Bancruptcy the legal bills continue to go up. So, if you lose then the legal is 150k or 200k. He has continued to fight and lost every step of the way, so the legal bill has gotten crazy. And thats my legal, don’t forget he too is paying his own legal team, as shitty as they may be they aren’t working for free.

As far as being a thorn in my side, he has had 4 years of websites about me. Spam emails, my skin is thick and as he puts more up I take more down. Cat and mouse. We have been working on a criminal component to have charges brought against him and put in jail. We have a lot and maybe even enough, but as he continues his behavior we continue to gather information for the District Attorney. I think maybe he will cross the line one day and Ill get him arrested, but time will tell..

end game?


If you would indulge my curiosity as this has been an intriguing saga… how do you think this story ends? And how would it ideally end for you? From my point of view, as an outsider, it would seem the only actual winners are the lawyers. Like, does it ever rankle you that you had the misfortune of running into this guy on an internet forum and you’re still dealing with it 4 years later? I’m glad it was you and not someone else, because you have the means to make him pay but at some level I feel really bad that this has happened to you. Because I cannot imagine the time, energy and money spent could possibly be worth it yet I understand you had to follow through because he crossed a line.

I don’t feel bad for Joe because he brought this unto himself but he has essentially ruined his life over an internet beef. Yet now that he has nothing to lose, he is perhaps going to be even more of a thorn in your side and possible antagonize/annoy you in whatever way he can for the rest of your life. Overall yes, he has come out of all this as a massive loser. However, I wonder if you’ll ever get the satisfaction of having truly “won”? Even if you win punitive damages it seems unlikely that much will ever be recovered. Or maybe at some level this process has been enjoyable for you to get some sort of retribution in each small victory? In any case, I’m rooting for you and admittedly get some schadenfreude each time Joe loses.

$20,000 Collection


The money was paid by the bonding company. In order to continue moving forward with his third party exemption, ( a claim that HE didn’t own his domains but his LLC did) he was required to either forfeit the domains or post a $20,000 bond to match the $20,000 bond we posted. It was a gamble by both parties. The Judge had already ruled in his favor and was going to return all of the domains back to Joseph. We appealed and posted a bond to keep the Judge from turning over the domains. I’m sure he or his Father did not want to guarantee a $20,000 bond, but he already had the judgement in his favor so in his mind he thought the ruling would be upheld and he HAD to bond it or lose the domains which the Judge had already agreed to award him. He didnt know that we knew he was lying and that GoDaddy and LegalZoom had no files uploaded supporting his position, (which is what he swore in his papers)  so we knew the Judge was going to reverse his decision. If he didnt, then I would have to pay Wilk $20,000, but if the Judge did reverse then we had a guaranteed $20,000 from the bonding company. We won and the bonding company paid. I have no idea if they had to collect from Joseph or his Father or if they defaulted or paid the bonding company, but WE GOT PAID.

As far as substantially covering 4 years of legal fees… Not even close.


Rennlist user

Curious, how were you able to recover $20,000 from a bankrupt loser? Hopefully that substantially covers some of your legal fees so far.

Pinball machine


His (2) Pinball machines are worth more than $3000 – High Speed is $3000 alone… but Playboy – is worth at least $5000 – it had that much work to it done on it alone.. which he didnt pay for

Already got $20,000


Joseph can continue to talk nonsense, but in the end there is no question that he regrets the day he started this. I already recovered $20,000, forced him into Bancruptcy, froze all of his websites/domains, cost him untold thousands of dollars in legal fees, eliminated all of the revenue he was making from parts sales and advertising, suing him and his Father for his Porsche and a bunch of other things in the pipeline.

Yes, we are on top of his spending and lifestyle. We track his every move, but now he is living through his parents. He has no known bank accounts or credit cards, so we work different angles.

The next order of business is the Bancruptcy case, the transfer of the Porsche, the sale of the domains and any criminal components surrounding all of this.

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