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Pinball machine


His (2) Pinball machines are worth more than $3000 – High Speed is $3000 alone… but Playboy – is worth at least $5000 – it had that much work to it done on it alone.. which he didnt pay for

Already got $20,000


Joseph can continue to talk nonsense, but in the end there is no question that he regrets the day he started this. I already recovered $20,000, forced him into Bancruptcy, froze all of his websites/domains, cost him untold thousands of dollars in legal fees, eliminated all of the revenue he was making from parts sales and advertising, suing him and his Father for his Porsche and a bunch of other things in the pipeline.

Yes, we are on top of his spending and lifestyle. We track his every move, but now he is living through his parents. He has no known bank accounts or credit cards, so we work different angles.

The next order of business is the Bancruptcy case, the transfer of the Porsche, the sale of the domains and any criminal components surrounding all of this.

Keep doing god’s work and thanks for all the LoLz!


Random Poster 1: “Damn, crazy how fast things can get out of hand! any more developments?”

Sticky: “Not really. Guy isn’t getting a dime.”

Sounds like something someone who is hiding assets would say. Hopefully you have a tail on him to track his spending habits and lifestyle…. We all know of his affinity for crypto so he could easily be hiding some money there.



The Bankruptcy trustee and Judges aren’t new to this, they have seen it all and they can paint the picture. I have no idea how they are going to rule on the credit card run up prior to filing, but it appears that none of the credit card companies are going to bother coming after Joe, because none of them were present at the BK hearing. That probably means that it isn’t worth it for them to try and collect anything or they know how it works and realize they have no shot at collecting. I do know that his credit will be completely shot when this is over and he wont be able to get a library book on loan once the BK case is concluded.

My situation is different. I am not a CC company, I am coming for the debt, my Lawyer will be present at any and all hearings or trials. I don’t think this is going to end the way Joseph and his lawyers think it’s going to end, but that remains to be seen. I am always confident in my game plan and my lawyers and neither has let me down yet, so let’s see how this all plays out. Don’t forget, we still have a Punitive Damages hearing after the BK case, so there are a lot of moving parts still in the works, including coming for the Porsche.

As far as finding other accounts, there are many ways to search. You can search by his full name, birthdate, SS#, tax ID number, etc. Most scumbags who try and hide assets do so in spouses names or parents names, which I assume is what Joseph is doing. That opens up a whole other can of worms if it can be proven that the parents (for example) are accepting assets that belong to Joseph and intentionally redistributing them to avoid collection. Thats a crime and one that we are on top of. I have no problem bringing charges against his Mother and Father if they are colluding to hide assets as is evidenced by the Law suit against his father over the Porsche. This is one of our top priorities.

“I just hope he pays for what he has done and goes to jail because it is what he deserves 100%.”

That’s the plan, but it is a book with many chapters and we have to gather everything and deliver it with no loopholes or escapes so that it’s an easy case for the DA to win. We already tried prosecuting him before, but the DA wouldn’t take the case. Believe me that’s the direction we’re headed. We have received information that he would flee to Poland should that happens so it is a delicate dance to make sure he doesnt leave before we can charge him, or that we have enough evidence to extradite him should he flee before charged..



Im glad you were able to get a look at his coinbase account. Did you check binance or any of the other exchanges? I know he was definitely trading coins that weren’t on coinbase so he was for sure using Binance and Kraken and others. And he might just have paper/cold wallets unfortunately its pretty easy to hide crypto unless you are cashing it out to USD (or fortunately if that is what you are trying to do lol).
But yeah I guess nice wine and whiskey was probably a good chunk of the over one hundred thousand in credit card debt this leech was carrying.
I wonder when he decided to stop paying his CC balances? Was it when he got the judgment and knew he would be declaring bankruptcy? If so Im sure that could be argued that he illegally got credit that he never intended to pay back and just wanted to take advantage of the bankruptcy he was already planning on.

I would not feel any remorse for what has happened to Joe, he did all of this himself and his parents created this spoiled man child so they are not faultless in this either.
I just hope he pays for what he has done and goes to jail because it is what he deserves 100%.

Follow Up


Joseph did drink expensive wine and whiskey, this is true. Based on my research and from information gathered, Joseph is an alcoholic or at the very least has a very bad drinking problem. Three arrests all alcohol related and a ton of posts showing drinking, bottles of wine and whiskey. He was also found to be part of a wine forum, so he clearly likes to drink. A good portion of what he earned was spent on liquor. His Father also likes to drink, so I imagine he provided many bottles to Joseph as well.

He did have some money invested in crypto, also true. We levied his coinbase account and found he had wired out the entire balance of $30,000 (if I recall) just weeks before we were able to seize it. Based on the money trail, it was used to pay lawyers and credit card debt. This was at a time when he was still in fight mode and not in bust out mode.

As far as bankruptcy fraud, hiding assets or going to jail…stay tuned. The next court case regarding the bankruptcy is in mid June and there is going to be such a great plot twist that you have to come back and see what happens.

As a side note, a lawyer from the US Justice Department was active in Joseph’s bankruptcy zoom hearing last month, in addition to my Lawyer, so this is going to get very interesting very soon…

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