Joseph Wilk

Asset Collection

The first $20,000...

In some legal cases, you have the ability to bond a Judge’s ruling. An appeal bond is a type of surety bond (specifically, judiciary bond) that a defendant posts in order to stop the immediate enforcement of judgment. Wilk told the court that the domains were not owned by him personally, but by his LLC and as a result, we couldn’t seize or levy them. The Judge initially ruled in his favor and was prepared to return all the domains back to Joseph.

We knew that Joseph was a habitual liar and was lying about the legal ownership of his 40+ domain/websites. He claimed that back in 2018, he transferred all of the domains out of his own name into an LLC. He went so far as to submit a signed contract to the court, backdated to 2018 and stated that he also uploaded this document to GoDaddy and to Legalzoom back in 2018, which supports the document was valid with accompanying screenshots showing the upload.

That was his fatal mistake.

We subpoenaed both Legalzoom and Godaddy for any and all documents that were uploaded to Wilks accounts from 2017-2021. Low and behold, nothing was uploaded to either. The document he provided to the court was a forgery and both websites confirmed the screenshots were doctored. We knew we had the smoking gun. We decided to bond the judge’s ruling for $20,000. Now Wilk had a choice… if he didn’t match the bond then the court would allow us to keep the domains and sell them at a Sherriff’s auction. If he wanted to roll the dice and hope that the decision wouldn’t be overturned, he would have to also post a matching bond for $20,000. The stakes were high, if we lost he would get my $20,000 but, if we won we had a guaranteed $20,000 payable by the bonding company.

Guess who won? Here is a copy of the $20,000 check from the bonding company because once the Judge realized that Joseph was “not credible” and that all of his evidence was forged, he denied Wilks claims in their ENTIRETY and the bonding company had to pay out on his bond. We don’t know who in his family actually had to guarantee the bond, but we don’t really care. We got $20,000 from Joseph Wilk and now were coming for the Porsche…

On April 1st, 2022 Joseph and Alexander Wilk were served with a lawsuit for illegally transferring the title of Joseph's Porsche to his Father Alexander in an effort to avoid collection.

From 2017 through 2021, Joseph Wilk made ALL of the payments on the car and made tens of thousands of dollars in modifications which voided the manufacturers warranty. At the end of the lease he had two choices, spend a fortune returning the car to stock or buy it outright. We believe that Joseph and his Father colluded together to have his Father buy out the lease and drop Joseph from the title in an effort to avoid having us seize the car in collections. This is a fraudulent transfer of an asset. This lawsuit is pending and ongoing against Father and Son.