Joseph Wilk

On November 1st, 2023 the Honorable Judge Scott C. Clarkson of the US Bankruptcy Court ruled that $3,906,192 is owed to Eric Brahms and is NON-DISCHARGEABLE. This amount will continue to accrue at 10% compounded interest FOR LIFE. Joseph Wilk’s request to have this debt discharged in Bankruptcy has been DENIED.

This is “checkmate”, case closed, nothing more can be done. The judgment is final, the request to have this debt discharged has been denied and is non appealable. This debt can never be discharged even if Joseph Wilk files bankruptcy again in 7 years 14 years or 21 years.

On August 28, 2023, the Honorable Judge Scott Clarkson DENIED Joseph Wilks claim to have the $4 million dollar Judgement against him discharged in bankruptcy and UPHELD the claim for Brahms to enforce it. This means that the judgement will remain in effect against Joseph Wilk FOR LIFE. Even if he files for bankruptcy again in the future, this 4 million will remain ENFORCEABLE and will accrue at 10% interest for the rest of his life. Wilks lawyers’ argument was that what Joseph did was not malicious and he did not intentionally mean to harm Brahms. The lower court had already awarded punitive damages. Wilk appealed. The appeals court upheld the punitive damages but sent it back to the lower court to get a more accurate dollar amount based on Wilks net worth. In the state of California, punitive damages can only be awarded if there is malice with intent to harm. There could be no defense of this. There can be no successful appeal on this matter because 3 different courts had already awarded and confirmed punitive damages, so there is no argument that it wasn’t done with intent to harm.

If you pay $3000 for a bankruptcy lawyer, you get exactly what you pay for. Joseph posted a defamatory website against a total stranger and acted like a keyboard tough guy. Now he’s broke. Living in his parent’s basement. No job, no girlfriend or boyfriend, and he busted out his credit cards and filed bankruptcy only to find out that the main reason to file bankruptcy (to wipe out the 4 million dollar judgement) was all done in vain. The 4m can’t be wiped out, so you filed bankruptcy and further ruined your life for absolutely nothing. That is the definition of a DUMBASS.

:a foolish or thoroughly stupid person:IDIOT
acting like a total dumbass

As of March 3rd, 2023 Joseph Wilk has filed for BANKRUPTCY

Here are the public filings by Joe’s lawyer.

If you don’t like reading legal documents, but just want the highlights, here you go:

A $3000 Bankruptcy Lawyer, paid by Mommy and Daddy, a $3000 pinball machine, an $1800 wardrobe, an English Bulldog and $10 cash. If that isn’t a Baller, I don’t know what is.

40 years old, Bankrupt, with $10 in cash and an $1800 wardrobe.. HEY LADIES!!

As of May 11, 2022, Alexander and Jola Wilk have encumbered their home with a new mortgage in the amount of $662,737. This has been the family home since 1995 and the original mortgage was paid off in 2004. Why did they need the money?

Was this done to protect the family home from seizure? Did they need the money to help pay for Joseph’s legal fees? Is Joseph’s lack of income burning through their retirement savings?

If you have any thoughts head on over to the posting area and let us know…

Is Joe Wilk a THIEF?

According to these two posters he is. Both posts claim he ripped them off in a Fantasy Football Contest.

“Joseph Wilk is a thief, don’t do business with him.”

In addition to that, according to Soler18 on Rennlist, he stole his money and refused a refund. Only after he filed a Paypal dispute was he able to get his money back.
Would you want to do business with someone like this?

Joe Wilk NOW Owes over 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS from a Defamation Lawsuit. See this PDF of the Judges Ruling in January of 2021

As of July 1st, 2022 Joseph Wilk now owes $4,523,404.41 in interest and debt on the judgement.
Every single day Joe Wilk owes an additional $1179.22 in interest payments.

Has Joseph Wilk ever been arrested? According to the court records from the state of California, he has been ARRESTED three times !!!

Joseph Wilk was arrested and charged with: 243(A) BATTERY ON A PERSON and 647(A) SOLICIT LEWD ACT

In order to be guilty of Lewd Conduct in Public under California Penal Code §647(a), you must: Touch your own body lewdly or solicit someone else to do it; AND, Violate the law in a public place or a place within public view; AND, Be lewd in the presence of someone who might be offended or annoyed by your behavior.

Joseph was sitting drunk in a security golf cart in an apartment complex when he was approached by an unarmed security guard and asked to leave. Wilk refused and threw a bottle at him and pushed him with open hand. The security guard “grabbed Wilk and took him to the ground” and “was on top of Wilk, holding him down” when the police arrived and took him into custody.  “Officers were unable to interview Wilk, due to the fact he was extremely intoxicated and uncooperative”

Joseph Wilk was arrested and charged with: BEING DRUNK IN PUBLIC, DISORDERLY CONDUCT 647 (f)PC

According to the report, Joseph called the cops because he was locked out of his girlfriends apartment in the rain with no shoes. He reeked of alcohol with a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person, bloodshot and watery eyes and loud and mumbled speech”

“I called you for help, you’re not helping me” “I pay taxes and this is why people hate cops”. When the cops asked him to remove his hands from his pockets he yelled “do you want me to pull my pants down?” “The suspect displayed poor balance (heavy stagger) and required assistance to sit.”

Case number: 06NM03633 Case type: Criminal Violation date: 04/21/2006 Defendant: Joseph Wilk County: Orange, California CStatus: Disposed Note: Mr. Wilk was charged with drinking and driving and driving without a seat belt. He was sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to pay fines.
Case number: MAL1MB00773-01 Case type: Criminal Violation date: 02/20/2011 Defendant: Joseph Wilk County: Los Angeles, California CStatus: Disposed Note: Mr. Wilk was charged with lewd conduct in public in the Malibu, California area.
Case type: Criminal Violation date: 05/04/2012 Defendant: Joseph Wilk County: Los Angeles, California Case number: LAV2PY02861-01 Status: Disposed Note: Mr. Wilk was charged with battery and trespassing in the Van Nuys, California area. He pled no contest to the battery charge and was sentenced to 24 months of probation and community service.

Hey Parents out there.. would you want your son or daughter dating someone who had a restraining order taken out against him?


Hey parents out there, would you want your son or daughter to date Joe? Joseph Wilk had a TRO (temporary restraining order) taken out against him for harassing and terrorizing a young lady in California. Read the Court Order PDF. He was restricted from harassing, attacking, striking, threatening, assaulting (sexually or otherwise), hitting, following, stalking, molesting, destroying personal property, disturbing the peace, keeping under surveillance or blocking movements of this woman. He was prohibited from contacting her in any way and had to remain 100 yards away from her home, job or vehicle. Hey parents out there, would you want your son or daughter to date Joe?

This is Joe Wilk

If you have any information on joe wilk please contact us at all information will remain confidential

Is Joe Wilk a liar?

We couldn’t find any records that he ever bought his Dad a Ferrari. In fact, according to DMV records, his Daddy owns/leases all of his cars. Funny, a guy who used to own dozens of car related websites doesnt even own a car. In fact, his own lawyer stated:

“Be aware that The vehicles referenced in the declaration (Porsche Macan and Porsche Carrera) are not, nor were they ever owned, by Mr. “Joseph” Wilk”

What else doesn’t Joe Wilk own?

He doesn’t own his house, 56 Glenalmond Lane is owned by his Mommy and Daddy. 38 years old and living in Mom and Dad’s old apartment.

As of November 2022, Joseph Wilk no longer lives in his parents old condo and has moved back home to live with his parents in Anaheim.
Was he evicted? Did his neighbors hate him so much they asked his parents to have him leave? Could he no longer afford the rent?
If you have the answers, feel free to post over in the posting area...

Sticky aka Joe Wilk has been banned from countless websites all over the world.

His username, his IP address, his email address..BANNED. On Rennlist alone he has allegedly been banned nearly a dozen times.
BANNED from 6speedonline
BANNED from Bimmerforums
BANNED from Spoolstreet
BANNED from Rennlist
BANNED from the

Is Joe Wilk going to file Bankruptcy?

According to his own lawyer he is “looking into bankruptcy options” because he is unable to pay the judgement.

“For purposes of settlement consideration, Mr. Brahms should be aware that the vehicles referenced in his Declaration are not, nor were they ever, owned by Mr. Wilk. My client is looking into bankruptcy options which, if undertaken, will be handled after the appeal is filed, so as not to stay the action”.