Joseph Wilk

Is Joe Wilk a THIEF?

  According to these two posters he is. Both posts claim he ripped them off in a Fantasy Football Contest.   “Joseph Wilk is a thief, don’t do business with him.” In addition to that, according to Soler18 on Rennlist, he stole his money and refused a refund. Only after he filed a Paypal dispute […]

This is Joe Wilk

If you have any information on joe wilk please contact us at all information will remain confidential

Is Joe Wilk a liar?

We couldn’t find any records that he ever bought his Dad a Ferrari. In fact, according to DMV records, his Daddy owns/leases all of his cars. Funny, a guy who used to own dozens of car related websites doesnt even own a car. In fact, his own lawyer stated:

“Be aware that The vehicles referenced in the declaration (Porsche Macan and Porsche Carrera) are not, nor were they ever owned, by Mr. “Joseph” Wilk”

What else doesn’t Joe Wilk own? He doesn’t own his house, 56 Glenalmond Lane is owned by his Mommy and Daddy. 38 years old and living in Mom and Dad’s old apartment. Sticky aka Joe Wilk has been banned from countless websites all over the world. His username, his IP address, his email address..BANNED. On […]